Hot Beef Gravy over Baked Potato

Try this simple, and easy recipe to spice up your baked potatoes. With some ground beef, cream cheese, onion, and some black pepper, you have a delicious, and filling meal that’s inexpensive to make!!

Ham & Noodle Skillet

Easy, affordable, and tasty is what this recipe’s all about!! I’ve never been a big Ham fan by itself. It all depended on how it was prepped, and what else it was put together with.

Sausage Diavolo Pizza

What makes this recipe so rich in flavor is the combination of tomato sauce, sausage, and white wine. There’s a lot of little steps to this one. However, with proper preparation of your ingredients, you’ll be able to go through this one in less than an hour. Not to mention, it’ll be totally worth it once you taste it. You can also use this recipe on pasta as well!!


Parmesan Turkey burgers

The first thing a lot of people notice when cooking up ground turkey is that it doesn’t have much of a rich flavor to it. You’d be absolutely correct if you said that was “kind of bland”. There’s all sorts of ways to spice it up though. My recipe calls for just 3 ingredients….chives, parmesan cheese, and black pepper.

Beef and Artichoke Fettuccine

I’ve always heard of Artichokes, but never tried them…until now. I was pleasantly surprised for the fact that I initially thought that I wouldn’t like them. How well do these go with a Parmesan Cheese sauce, and Roast Beef you ask? Well, the word tasty doesn’t do this recipe any justice. It’s more like scrumptious, stick to your ribs, I can’t believe how good this is kind of meal. I highly recommend trying this one!!

Sesame Pork Chops with Garlic Cream sauce. (An introduction to broiling)

Here’s a great beginner’s recipe for broiling meat. These pork chops are simple to make, and have an equally as simple to make garlic cream sauce that goes with it!! I’m always afraid to broil, and don’t do it often at all. Broiling can get away from you really quickly, since it’s at such a high heat!! Therefore, I always stress caution to people to never go over the time a recipe says to broil anything, even if it’s ever so slightly. However, the result of broiling any meat is that it turns out so tender that it melts in your mouth.

Thai Chicken Pizza

Learn how to cook this quick & easy recipe for Thai Chicken Pizza. I’ve always been an adventurous person when it came to trying new types of food. I particularly have grown fond of Sushi, Sashimi, Asian, Thai, and Korean cuisine in general. This recipe puts a spin on the traditional pizza, while introducing you to cultural tastes of Thai food.